What is the most expensive appliance in your home?


Why is preventative maintenance important for your home HVAC system?

In most cases your Heating and Air Conditioning system is the most expensive appliance in your home. With the California Central Valley climate having extremely hot & long summer months and the winters being cold enough where you are forced to run your heater then your poor HVAC system is not getting much of a break. Many people are unaware that their HVAC system is a lot like their car. Your car requires the proper service depending on the mileage driven otherwise its lifespan will be decreased. Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, AC Cabin Filter, Fluids, Spark Plugs, and Tune Ups are just some of the many things that a car owner knowingly expect. Well, your HVAC system is not any different. Without proper service the lifespan of the unit is decreased, your home comfort is decreased, breakdowns are increased, and your utility bill is increases. Maybe most homeowners are unaware that their unit requiers a routine service or they are afraid that the service might be pricey but whatever the reason is one thing is for certain if you are not having your HVAC unit routinely serviced then you are loosing money.

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