Do you know your Service Tech?


Who is qualified to work on your equipment?

There are many different types of HVAC/R service technicians in the industry from residential to commercial or industrial, from air conditioning to heating, from processing to refrigerations, from newbies to veterans, from highly certified and trained to the trial and error or “parts changers” tech, and from salesman to repairman. It is very important to know the qualifications of your HVAC/R Tech for each job requires a special set of skills. Some techs are very well rounded and can tackle any task. Others might specialize in one or two categories. When searching through the many companies look for expertise, experience, certifications, and fully stocked trucks. The other half of choosing a Tech is not as easy. This will rely on how well you can read a persons or a companies true caricature. Some companies are heavy into replacing equipment vs repair while others will give you the option to get the most life out of the unit by preforming the repair vs the changeout. Some companies charge an hourly rate or a diagnostic fee while others say they will wave the diagnostic fee. Alway remember that nothing is free and that it is the final price that you should be concerned with. Many technicians have a high level of integrity and can be trusted but like any field there are some bad apples that will smile to your face as they sell you a part that you don’t really need. When a tech arrives at your home or you talk with them over the phone have a five minute conversation with them about how long they have been in the trade and what are their qualifications. Good techs love what they do and will be more than happy to tell you about themselves. This is the time for you the customer to read into your tech to see their true caricature. HVAC/R repair, service, and installation can be very pricy and during a breakdown on the hottest or coldest day of the year it is easy to make a choice out of urgency so be sure that you have chosen a great technician that you can trust to walk you through your decision.


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